Sunday, September 21, 2008

tvc 12 - a black juicy harvest

TVC is remorphing audio and builds a collage of drones, cultmovie excerpts, psychedelic soundscapes, verbal essences, freefolk flashes, reverse verses, electronic rugs and easy hiccups. Most source material is processed and merged in layers of drones, film excerpts and field recordings. Headphones essential.

This 12th episode is built with the following sources:

(00:00 _ 02:55) a sunshine vendetta

erh – enigma 15; glaxo babies – this is your vendetta; paul dickenson – hiawatha; erh – enigma 14; joe frawley – morning call; thuja – the deer lay down their bones track 8; alcatraz – piss off; excerpt from 'the notorious bettie page' (movie, 2005); spaceheads & max eastly – the dream that murdered sleep; aaron ximm – elk; bernard szajner - depasse

(02:55 _ 04:40) antropoid dance variation

lionel marchetti – du trone ou je sommeille; suonho – system restore; bertrand dubedout – bal convexe; bernard szajner – depasse; daedalus – assembly lines; oliver messaniaen - timbres durĂ©es; erkke kureniemi – antropoidian danssi

(04:40 _ 07:30) nancy adam susan

conet project – wiskey tango viente y uno; valet – kehaar; conet project – nancy adam susan; bertrand dubedout – bal convexe; sazman – chongnangnyi market; erh – enigma 1; formication – free again; formication – fermel; arden – cello for sudden goodbyes; afterguard – giant dipper belmont park; castrathica – pucky spinnen

(07:30 _ 12:11) enter laudanum lady

sazman – chongnangnyi market; excerpt from “the love school” (series on the life of elizabeth siddal); robert van heumen – fury (after anger); excerpt of “belladonna of sadness” (anime, 1973); arden – cello for sudden goodbyes; michel redolfi – misty horizon; joe colley – stagnation hardcore; carlotta's portrait 222 (seriously morphed) (ost vertigo by b hermann); blackstrobe – fag break in studio; into the cave (ost diabolik by e morricone); suonho – artic radio; sound of bat wings; pinchoff - sonido slava; dave incamas- bagpipes fx122.2; clock ticking dry old; iditarod - feel the breath of the woods upon your heart pt 2; marc mcnulty – fuselage vibration; excerpt of “diary (mon seung)” (movie, 2006);

(12:11 _ 15:27) lythe linoleum licking libertine (love)

excerpt of “belladonna of sadness” (anime, 1973); arden – cello for sudden goodbyes; michel redolfi – misty horizon; maninkari – vol de nuit; higher intelligence agency & biosphere – white lightning; chris watson – adult cheetah waiting by beobab tree; fetusboy/beserker – dancer in the dark (poem); san francisco cable car ride; jean derome – brule tes souvenirs; hypothetical prophets – around the world with the prophets; felix kubin und das mineralorchester – die prophetin; word samples by labs.kodfabrik; chrome – ss cygni + all data lost; formication – exit; beequeen – the edie three step; hypothetical prophets – wallenberg;

(15:27 _ 19:52) darkness can be sculpted into huge furry balls (part I and II)

marc mcnulty – field effect; r humphries – rain; secede – seafold + entering next; chris watson – red rumped tinkerbird + adult cheetah, rain forest cameroon; carlotta's portrait 2 (modestly morphed) (ost vertigo by b hermann); higher intelligence agency & biosphere – white lightning; fluorescent grey – track 3 gaseous opal orbs; orchestra arcana – one man's fetish is another man's faith; fetusboy/beserker – dancer in the dark (poem); san francisco cable car ride; sawako – deep under; alice cooper – 10 minutes before the worm (1968); machinefabriek – oahu 1; sal randolph – new york central park; kammerflimmer kollektif – equilibrium;

(19:52 _ 24:42) no roses around her

ultre - orchestre neutron; marc mcnulty – field effect; caves of steel; poem by christina rossetti; ultre – useless nervous minutes; cinemafia – car horn serenade; valenti – footsteps; somnia – fast forwarding; deuter – scham; la bracelet – from ost la planete sauvage; arnoud coutancier – the man from krypton, kryptonien 5; fruitcake hotel – the orchestra; agent a – aftermath (unharmed).

background drones by deuter – yantra and ost vertigo (slowed down and reversed).

total time: 24:41

headphones! and play it loud.



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